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combo breakfast--two eggs, sausage or bacon, crispy yukon gold potatoes, baby lettuces

seasonal quiche--farm house eggs, artisan cheese, flaky crust, seasonal market vegetables, baby lettuces

organic eggs your way--seasonal vegetables, artisan cheeses, baby lettuces, crispy yukon gold potatoes

our beloved benedicts--served on house made english muffin, two poached farm house eggs, crispy yukon gold potatoes

         mushroom--roasted mushrooms, baby spinach, caramelized onion, truffle mornay   +++add bacon

         classic--black forest ham, rapini, caramelized onions, hollandaise

scramble--spinach, red onion, mushroom, goat cheese, baby greens, crispy yukon gold potatoes

mbc pancakes--vanilla crème, market fruit, pistachio, bourbon syrup

house made brioche french toast--market fruit, brown sugar whip cream, bourbon syrup

mission beach huevos--slow cooked eggs, cannellini beans, salsa roja, spices, crème fraîche, guacamole, tortilla
         +++add braised pork

egg sandwich--arugula, caramelized onions, aged cheddar, lemon aioli, crispy yukon gold potatoes
         +++add sausage or bacon

duck confit hash--snap peas, butternut squash, cippolini onions, two eggs, duck jus, mustard sour cream

farmers market soup-inspiration strikes daily

blossom bluff stone fruit salad--little gems, blueberries, pluots, toasted pecans, grilled peach, blue cheese vinaigrette

house cured salmon crostini--ciabatta crostini, citrus cream cheese, crispy capers, roasted garlic potato salad, citrus vinaigrette 

vegan plate--seared tofu with cauliflower, onion, red pepper, butternut squash, forbidden rice, parsnip puree

prather ranch beach burger--point reyes toma, caramelized onions, romaine, lettuce, aioli, grilled bun, kennebec fries.
         +++add bacon, mushrooms, avocado or fried egg

grilled cheese and veggies--point reyes toma, cheddar, parmigiano-reggiano, avocado, and mushrooms on rye; with baby lettuces
         +++add black forest ham         +++add soup

turkey sandwich--bacon, avocado, swiss, cranberry aioli, griddled sourdough, mixed green salad

kennebec truffle fries--shaved parmigiano-reggiano and herbs